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Note to past Church Webs Customers:

EZOT has taken all of our Church Webs customers

Due to EZOT breaking their agreement with Church Webs and taking all our Church Webs customers, you will need to contact EZOT for any support you need now. Since EZOT no longer pays us for our long time work we did building up Church Webs you will need to have us transfer your domain name into your own account so you can renew it yourself.

We have a policy about how Church Webs Network will transfer a domain name. 

Click Here and follow the instruction on the web page.

We will then transfer your domain name into your own account where you can do what you like with it.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and are very disappointed with the way EZOT just closed Church Webs down without notice or reason.

Thank you for being our customers. We are currently looking for a better, more reliable trustworthy website host to offer you in the near future. If you decide you don’t want to risk losing your website with EZOT you are more than welcome to change over to one of the below website hosting service we offer below.

Ark Webs

Church Webs Builder

Christian Domains Website Builder

Thank you.

* Past Church Webs customers can still access their account by going to and clicking on the login button.

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